Transform parents into agents of positive change and advocates for their children’s educational opportunities and well-being.

We aim to build a community where parents are actively engaged in their children’s overall learning.


  • María Meraz                     Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Susana González            Executive Director
  • Liliana Real                         Administrative Director
  • Diana Rodríguez            Program Coordinator
  • Gloria Flores                     Program Coordinator


Board of Directors

  • Joe Padilla                                President
  • James R. Marín Ed.D          Vice President
  • Victor Barrios                        Treasure
  • Teresa Guerrero                    Secretary
  • Blain L. Watson                      Member


Our Values

  • Integrity: We uphold an honest approach supported by our strong work ethic and trust.
  • Diversity: We understand and embrace beliefs, values, norms, and behaviors of our culturally diverse society.
  • Excellence: We pride ourselves with commitment to your family and the quality of our programs and services.
  • Impact: We strive to make a long lasting impact in our community.


Our Goals
Our goals are your goals. What we expect from this course is:

  • Your children’s well being and academic development.
  • Promoting good habits in families.
  • Knowing the road to success.
  • Getting to know the school system.
  • Preparing your children for college.
  • Knowing the necessary abilities for the twenty-first century.