Parent Leader Spotlight

Maria De Los Angeles Gonzalez, mother of three, from Lennox, California has been a parent leader for over 18 years. Angeles, as she prefers to be named, began her parent advocacy journey when she took a “mommy and me” class with her baby. Even though English is her second language, she joined the parent committee. Then, when her oldest daughter was in preschool, she took an active role in the parent advisory council. 
Since then, she has participated in countless committees. In 2017, she took the Parent Engagement Academy’s FACTOR Program. This elevated her knowledge of the school system and most importantly, empowered her to recognize her own power.  
With all she learned, Gonzalez fiercely advocated for more English Language resources for both students and parents. The frustration of not feeling heard ignited her to run for the Lennox School District Board. In spite of not knowing how to run a campaign, she was determined to try. “I knew that this is where decisions get made,” Gonzalez shared.
With passion, hard work, and first-hand knowledge of parent and student needs, she won. Gonzalez added, “As a Trustee my biggest passion is advocating for English Language Learners and ensuring we provide resources for parents to help their children”.