• Growth Mindset
    Acknowledge parents of the advantages to developing a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. This will help them develop resilience to cope
    with challenges like bullying and math anxiety. In addition, these workshops will explore how emotional intelligence, perseverance, and failure can shape our children to be successful in life.
  • College Readiness:
    Preparing students to attend college and careers is one of the biggest challenges parents face. Academic knowledge is often not enough for college admission, which is why students must develop essential skills and meet the college requirements to be successful in today’s world, particularly as they move on to the workforce, and adult life.
  • Sesión 1. Mentalidad de Crecimiento.
  • Sesión 2. Como reducir la intimidación y fomentar la inteligencia matemática.
  • Sesión 3. La mentalidad de Crecimiento y el camino al éxito.
  • Sesión 4. Preparación para la Universidad.
  • Sesión 5. Transición a la Universidad.